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Homework provides a link between home and school.  It ensures that children develop the sound study habits, organisational skills and self discipline required for lifelong learning.


  • Reinforce learning which occurs in class
  • Develop a pattern of independent study
  • Provide parents with a means of becoming involved in their child’s education.
  • Builds habits of self-discipline and organisation.


  • Teachers across a grade level will establish expectations/procedures to be followed eg. Nightly, within a contract system, with reading folders, in the use of journals etc.
  • Project work (Years 5 and 6) is seen as extra work to be spread out over an extended period of time, and as such is not included in the recommended time.
  • A written explanation is required from parents when homework is not completed. Parents will be reminded of this each year at information night.
  • Homework activities will be signed by parents at least once a week.

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